Getting engaged pulled the average on my year up considerably. Apart from that it was pretty guff.

Loads of great music though. Had to pick a top 20 albums for a website I write for an had a really tough time whittling it down to that. No 10/10 classics maybe but so, so much good stuff. So much.

Personally: 6/10. Some amazing bits but some massive lows too.

Musically: what, do you think this is some kind of music website?



Personally: 7/10
Overall: 3/10 (just everything that’s happening in the world is leaving me in a permanent state of anxiety, worry and stress)
Music: 5/10. First year where I didn’t go to a festival and didn’t go to as many gigs as I’d have liked, tbh.

Personally: 6/10

Very boring year although nothing bad has happened. Wasted a LOT of time. Better than last year which started off alright then ended bloody awfully. Started this year with an awful bout of depression (from the end of last year) which lasted a few months, now I’m somewhat okay and even moderately happy (although it’s a ‘numb’ kind of happy). FINALLY finished my dissertation and got a 2:1, which I was really with pleased since I struggled a lot, but have since taken massively for granted (seems like everyone has a 2:1 now). Still haven’t got a proper job, still in the same uneventful area, and was hoping I’d move out much sooner than this. Feel trapped.

Everything feels a lot emptier since finishing uni. Never seem to meet anyone in particular, or have any interesting conversations with people anymore, all communication is so superficial and scarce. Is this what adult life is permanently going to be like? Or should I just get out of my middle-of-nowhere area and meet LME type people?

It already feels like we were living in a completely different era during the first half of 2016 before Brexit/Trump happened compared to now, such a small amount of time ago. Politically this year was quite good though, I was delighted to see the Tories lose their majority at least. I’m a little bit more optimistic about the future compared to last year.

Music: 0/10

Haven’t discovered any new music at all (apart from Arcade Fire’s new album which has one good song on it), just been focusing on older stuff. I’m so stuck in the past it’s embarrassing, especially given that I’m young.

Actually I’d bring that down to 5. Spent much of the year with a bad haircut which took ages to grow out of.