It does feel a bit like there might be a gas leak or something over there

Oh here he bloody is.
Aye, sucking up to Heinz creamz but didn’t even vote in the poll

Is there a garlic pickle one?

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Oh no, that’s very wrong.

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balonz meaNz beanz




Do you see garlic pickle on the list??

Make it. Go on. Treat yourself. Several cows worth of cream and 30g of garlic pickle is all you need

You could make ice cream out of anything and someone in London would eat it.
Cat hair. Cat hair ice cream cafe where the cereal one used to be.


I’ve got some Heinz Turkish garlic sauce (which my wife says tastes like chicken in a basket, I’ve never eaten a basketed food), might use that.

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Gonna artfully pour a chilled can of tinned spaghetti over a 99 flake


Wrong thread


I like to think your wife wouldn’t question it at all

Cream of mushroom soup, poured into molds and frozen. Mushroom ice pop!!! Why the fuck not eh!!!

Wish I hadn’t seen this so early, set my whole day off to a bad start


That’s such a nice website it’s making me want to buy some salad cream ice cream*

Salad cream with a spoon and tub

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was like wtf £15 and you get an ice cream maker? that’s pretty… oh wait it’s just a tub and a spoon

Apparently the spoon is good quality

motion to ban the word ‘creamz’ from ever being used again in any context

  • aye
  • nay
  • abstain

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Agreed :fist_right: :fist_left:


That actually sounds 100% nicer than thoze creamz

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