Topical HEAT SWEAT question

was gonna make this a thread for awkward questions but thought nahh

a few of my work shirts have pretty minging dark patches from sweat. i dont cope well in the heat. they dont stink and i dont get patches in the day but they seem to show after washing. any options on how to get rid of these/ prevent them (i wear deodrant before any smart arse states that!). tried bicarbonate and water but it doesnt do too well

dont judge me

turn the air con up

This is a good question.

I have similar stains around the cuffs and collar - luckily not visible to other human eyes, but it doesn’t make me feel too great.

Any advice would be wonderful.

yeah mine arent visible but its just a bit gross isnt it

online seems to suggest using vinegar before washing ?

nah tend to use antiperspirant!doesnt really show in the day either (or not that I notice)

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The answer to all of these questions is either vinegar or bicarbonate of soda

I’ve used this before…

Cleaned them up 50-75%. It smells pretty bad though but does work

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only wear vests / go tapps aff in warm weather