Topshop Plastic Jeans


nice and clammy



Nah, I’m out.

But why

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They look insanely uncomfortable.

If it’s good enough for Iggy…

EDIT: photo removed as that was actually more NSFW than I thought :neutral_face:

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Edited that for you, as I wasn’t sure how many people wanted to see Iggy Pop’s schlong. EDIT AGAIN: ah you’re already on it. Still, can’t unsee :scream:


Yeah, his weapon was nowhere near as obvious from the thumbnail on Google images :hotdog:

Apologies all round folks…

Fantastic for pick pockets

Why aren’t hey calling them ‘trousers’? Surely you can’t have jeans made of plastic???

This actually reminds me of a Stainless Steel Rat book where he’s put in an ultra-secure prison where the prisoners all wear clear plastic dungarees only to be sure they aren’t hiding anything to help them escape.


Yeah I’d wear these, why not eh

Probably wouldn’t go full iggy though, wear some shorts underneath like the model

On Commando Tuesdays?

Phwoar, bet you’ll get nice and moist wearing those

Yeah not quite that brave. Reckon they’d be fun in festivals etc, £55 quid though ffs.

Nah man, imagine walking round on day three as the sun beats down and you sweat out a horrific hangover. You’d be able to grow geraniums in them at that point.

it’s like a rain coat for the ghetto fabulous

Oh yeah you’d have to pick and choose yer days, especially if it’s wet outside. Just think they look alright tbh.

On the great british sewing bee last year they had to make an outfit out of a bath curtain, the results weren’t far off this.