Torch / Flashlight Thread

I need a new torch. Preferably rechargeable. Show me your torch / flashlight. Recommend me stuff. No filth please.

Quite like the look of this one.

The best torches are the ones you can wear on your head.


I’m not going potholing dude.

Not what you are after but I’m a big fan of a nebo

Got a small one too.

I like big Larry.

Have you tried the back of your phone


Wouldn’t have looked as cool on the X-Files though

Doesn’t work for me

What are you planning on using it for?

illuminating things in the dark

Dancing in the moonlight

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Bluto nailed it then

Everybody’s feeling warm and bright

Nah I want a hand held old school torch.

I went with this. I know you’ve all been thinking about this thread.