Any fans here? Off to see them tonight, didn’t love Restarter but live they’re consistently one of the most fun heavy bands.


Present! This the Red Fang tour? I saw them last Tues at Koko, they were great, sounded really good as well. Harmonoslaught was HEAVY to the max.

Aye, not a fan of Restarter that much - Bishop In Arms, Loose Men, Undone, Annihilation Affair being the best tracks really. Felt it was a step back from Harmonicraft (best album imho). They’ve got loads of great b-sides/single tracks that they should really put out on an album; Harmonoslaught, Rock 'N Roll Mantasy, Keep Up, Leather Feather, 80s Prom Song, SUGAR GLIDER, Andy Low…


Also, you should check out:
Floor (if you haven’t but you probably have)
Tilts - Andrew (other guitarist) band who sound like QOTSA, ZZ Top and Van Halen mashed together: They’re drummer died earlier this year (same day as Bowie :frowning: )
Riddle Of Steel - (Andrew again) making awesome crunchy pop-rock goodness: