Tories fined £70,000 for electoral fraud

Does DiS not bother talking about this stuff any more?


“Tory does something sleazy”

It’s up there with “Trump tweets something batshit”


Balonz never shuts up about it

£70k is nothing. They’ll be laughing their cocks off.

£700 million seems fairer to me.

£70k fine is sod all really, isn’t it? They’ll just steal some money from the NHS or something to pay for it*.

*this is a joke

Why isn’t the punishment to just lose the seat affected?


£70K fine for £100K+ of misspending. I guess that the Tories will consider that a fair investment.

Whether the country does, after Brexit, Scottish independence, continued austerity and draconian legislation, is another matter.

This was my thinking. The fine would suggest there is sufficient irregularities to void the election result.

Although there is a police investigation going on in parallel (which the Electoral Commission is feeding into), and perhaps the outcome of that will force a by-election - morally at least, not sure what the legal protocol is.

Farage has said that if they re-run Thanet he’d stand again and, in the circumstance, he stands a pretty good chance of winning…

Corbyn is unelectable

What are current voting intention polls saying? The Tories have just had to backtrack on a major budget plan, the NHS is in crisis, the union is collapsing, BREXIT, and now they cheated in the election… and yet, somehow, Labour will still be down in the polls. It’s hopeless.

He couldn’t win pre-Tories going for the Hard Brexit is amazing approach, not sure why he’d do any better now.

Someone’s been paying close attention to UKIP’s election result trends post-Brexit!!

Oliver Letwin just on R4: ‘It doesn’t mean there’s some vast criminal conspiracy going on.’

Who said anything about a vast criminal conspiracy m8?!?

“Letwin denies ‘Vast Criminal Conspiracy’”

Come on press! Run with it!

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It would be the specific set of circumstances. It would be Farage standing (under a UKIP banner but effectively as a popular independent) in a seat where his nearest rivals will have just been done for electoral fraud - which I can only imagine will make a pretty significant dent in the local Tory vote in a by-election. Aaron Banks will go in big on the financial support too i’d imagine. So the Tory vote sinks like a stone, all other parties in the seat are pretty irrelevant, and Farage swoops to victory even if his vote only stays the same as at the general election.

What would be interesting (for those that follow these things at least) is if Farage sacked off UKIP and ran under Banks’s new Patriotic Alliance banner. Unclear at the moment though if that’s just going to be a campaigning type outfit or a proper political party.

Why would Aaron Banks bankroll a UKIP by-election campaign?

I thought eleven (!) police forces passed files to the CPS as part of on-going investigations.

Whereas the fine is from the Electoral Commission.

He’d be bankrolling Farage rather than UKIP. As I say, Farage might stand under a UKIP banner for pragmatic reasons, but he’d effectively be an independent. Unless he stands as a Patriotic Alliance candidate, but that would only have Banks’s money and not the foundational support network to get people to knock on doors and deliver leaflets - which is perhaps too risky.