Toriest sport playoff bracket


Come on then!
Only actual sports, not like polo and croquet and that.
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Rowing - Expensive, only famous version of it is done by 2 toff universities
Sailing - Expensive, shit clothes, yachts etc.
Golf - Sexist, exclusive,
Cricket - Loads of jolly english tradition. MCC, colonialism
Equestrianism - Expensive, daft clothes, animal abuse, dancing horses
Rugby Union - Named after a private school, enjoyed by the royals
Tennis - steeped in ruddy bloody tradition, too polite, literally everything about wimbledon
Hockey - Just played by a load of double barrelled poshos. Making up the numbers really


Cricket is definitely not posh or Tory.


really don’t have the energy to defend rugby on here anymore but just to confirm i am irked. as you were.


Tennis isn’t very Tory at a local level here. The courts are free, rackets are relatively cheap, the only other people who play around here are nice eastern Europeans.



  • Rowing
  • Hockey

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  • Sailing
  • Tennis

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  • Golf
  • Rugby Union

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  • Equestrianism
  • Cricket

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It’s unfortunately football. Everything that is wrong with modern society is replicated in high level football


Get thee to Lancashire and Yorkshire lad.


cricket, easily of the main sports.

rowing though… and rugby union… both are slightly more entertaining though (would prefer to watch professional squash or poker instead of cricket)


Hot take coming through


cricket is a tory sport, and everyone who watches it - say, those who recently attended a ‘test’ in southampton - is a tory


Definitely sailing, if just for the reason it spawned the hideous atrocity of fucking boat shoes worn with chinos with the ankles rolled up, for added tory points add pink socks and a dark blue gilet


Has anyone been to the Tory hotspot of Salcombe, Devon, where the street fashion is clothing made from ACTUAL SAILS