Toronto, Ontario, Canada suggestions

Going to Toronto at the end of July/beginning of August, tell me what I should get up to. I like art/history/gay/music things and vegetarian food.

i am going to toronto at the end of july too :open_mouth:

You better keep an eye on this thread for suggestions or you’ll be lost. :open_mouth:

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I stayed here in Toronto for my fucked up sort of honeymoon:

Amazing hotel, great bar / great food, did an excellent pub quiz. It’s in a fantastic neighbourhood too, lots of nice bars and stuff, a short walk from Bellwoods Park (and Bellwoods Brewery).

Apiecolypse now (sp) does good vegan pizza by Christie pits

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Distillery District
St Lawrence Market
The Royal Ontario Museum (the Native American people exhibition is particularly good).

i am looking at staying in a super 8 :upside_down_face:

Only ever been to the airport in Toronto, but I’ve done that twice. It’s an OK airport.

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Well get a Super 8 near there

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Bovine Sex Club

Cineforum, it’s a DIY cinema in a local eccentric’s house. Plays old movies with albums over the top. Proper, proper weird stuff.

The Harbour Islands are cute, particularly if you go away from the touristy bit and walk around the residential bits.

I went there in June 2007 so my suggestions are mostly pointless. Had a lovely time though, although just as a warning it was very hot (35+) most days.

Also if someone can put you in touch with @ghostpony she lives there.

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If it’s the one on Spadina in Chinatown, I’ve stayed there and it’s wonderfully crazy. Literally inside a Chinese shopping mall. View from your room is this…

190611 Super8

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Don’t spend any longer than an hour at Niagara Falls. And don’t go along the streets near it. It’s like a mini Blackpool or Vegas. It’s shit.


Remember seeing about six haunted houses there. One was above a Burger King.

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yep this^

Loved the Henry Moore room.

I am absolutely not going to the Niagara Falls, but I am interested in going round national parks.

The Art Gallery Of Ontario had a Tim Hecker installation last time I visited. Was good :+1:

On a related subject I have NEVER met a Canadian (and I know a few) that has ever even heard of Tim Hecker :woman_shrugging:

Algonquin Park is stunning.

As is Fathom Five National Park.


Toronto’s ace as a city it made perfect sense. Loads of good bars and good food.

My main suggestion is that if you want to go to Niagra Falls don’t go on a coach. Hire a car and go.