Toronto Thread

Already asked in the “Overseas travel plans thread” but I think it deserves a thread.

I am going in mid July, any suggestions? I have Casa Loma, Art Gallery of Ontario, the Museum of Contemporary Art and a few others on the list.

Don’t spend anymore than ½ a day at Niagara Falls.


Great City, loved the place. Also the easiest places to find a pint I’ve ever been to in North America. Spent most of the day walking round. Enjoyed the Distillery District which was basically like Albert Docks, St Lawrence Market. Spent more time troffing and drinking in that city than I did in any other city on that trip. Do the CN tower as well.

Oh and organise Niagara Falls yourself don’t take a coach trip the town Niagara on the lake is quite nice the town with the falls is worse than, the worst of Blackpool.


Yeah. CN Tower is good. There’s a semi-glass floor thing at the top floor or at least very high up. There’s a strap yourself outside up top if you’re feeling very brave.

You’re absolutely right…the tourist strip that’s “attached” to the Falls is tacky as hell. It’s like a shit British town centre…but Canadian.

My mates did the leaning out thing when they went. I was a complete wimp when we went could feel the fucker swaying at the top.

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Planning on avoiding Niagara Falls because I’m going at the end of July and I know it will be packed.

Niagara Falls definitely is worth seeing. I went in July/August in 2014. It was busy but acceptably busy.

The strip and the “tourism” attached to Niagara is shit but the falls are a must see.

Unless I can go down the falls themselves in a tin can like Bobby Leach, I do not care.

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I walked across it on a tightrope just to prove to myself that I could :slightly_smiling_face:

Bellwood’s Brewery for wanker beers


Graffiti Alley is well worth a stroll. Seem to remember there were cool surrounding markets, restaurants, bars etc.


Toronto Islands are quite nice to potter around for an afternoon

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Love this place, proper quaint small town vibes, feels a bit like a real Stars Hollow or something

For food had these recommended to me:

Burger Tribe
Porchetta & Co.
Ramen Isshin

Another vote for Niagara on the Lake- we saw loads of black squirrels there, very stylish fluffy tails.:paw_prints:

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The restaurants change on a regular basis, but we found that the best places to eat and drink were around Kensington Market (Baldwin St and Augusta Ave) and Queen St W.

EDIT: oh, and College St, west of Spadina.

vote all you like, I’m not going,

Worth noting that the lift that takes you up is glass (walls, floor) and it goes on the outside of the building. And I don’t really like heights…

Pretty sure that’s the only way up as well.

Just got back. Didn’t go to Niagara or up the CN tower. Will write some things/post pics in a bit.

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