Torsdag - Thors day - Thursday

Bank holiday / 5 day weekend for me & @whiterussian - thank Christ for ascensding and all that

What you up to today DiS Massive?

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Day off! :grinning:
To do DIY :persevere:


WFH today - just had coffee, about to have granola, fruit and yogurt.

Got a new pedal being delivered, and need to get out at some point to send one back I haven’t got on with

Hopefully fit in some bike fiddling with my son’s new bike that he doesn’t know about yet

4* day weekend!

Silly smartphone fingers

Going to a big event for IT nerds at Excel. On the plus side, I get to be on the DLR. On the down side all the drivers seats were taken so I’m having to peek over a businessman’s head to see where we’re going.

Went to the tiffin room for tea last night and it was banging.
Then couldn’t sleep because I’d eaten too much


On a bus

On a train.

Race ya?

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Morning BITT, all. Got some letting agents coming round to price up our flat this afternoon so got a morning of cleaning and putting stuff away first. Might see if I’ve got enough money for a celebratory beer after they’ve gone, seems like an afternoon drinking kind of day.

We should* be going on the DLR on Saturday, hoping that R** can get a drivers seat.

Hopefully you get one of the good seats on the way back after a good day at your IT nerd event :+1:

*but R is a bit under the weather, so maybe not.


At least one by the driver himself/herself I hope.


Hi all!
Meeting heavy day today. Cba

My graphic designer ATD finished work on my business logo, templates and website yesterday afternoon. As such I have a day of trying to sell my services - not something that comes naturally it has to be said.

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Back home to Scotland tonight :hugs:

In sunny London. Going to see not one but 2 Shakespeare plays today. God help me.

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Have you never been on the DLR? There is no driver… It’s an automatic system, so there’s 4 passenger seats where the drivers cab would usually be. (Staff can manually drive the train using hidden controls under a locked panel though; I was shown once when I was a kid!)

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I wouldn’t normally ask, but why? And which ones?

Should probably start making more sensible decisions so people stop making this joke.


The excel totally sucks