Tortoise chat! (not the band) potentially rolling, but more likely to be slowly plodding


So. We have inherited a tortoise. Our next door neighbour had her for forty plus years before she died (the neighbour, not the tortoise) and her son has allowed us to adopt her. Apparently she can easily live for another 40+ years which is a scary thought as she might outlive me.

Anyway I’ve decided tortoise are ace. She doesn’t do a hell of a lot, but it’s very calming to sit and watch her plodding around the garden.

Who has a tortoise? Who wants to swap hibernation tips?

Tortoise chat


Could go a tortoise I reckon, low maintenance, seem like they might be a laugh. Not sure it would fit in with my two dogs and a duck pipe-dream though.


Kris, who sits next to me here at work, has a tortoise.

I don’t know much about it though. What do you want me to ask him?


I don’t know why but I assumed Kris was a woman.

Hi Kris!


any pro tips re: hibernation welcome. Our tortoise has really slowed down in the last week or so so I guess she’s getting ready for it. How do you know when the time’s right?


All I know I learned from blue peter. Heard they bite like a fucker though.


My grandparents had one for about 60 years. Dont recall it doing anything.

Oh they lost it once, found it next door


tortoises are brilliant, congratulations


i recently told my housemate that i want one and she said it would suit me :blush:


we had them in our garden when i was a kid and i loved playing with them and watching them roam around the place. baby tortoises are really cute as well, although you always end up worrying about treading on them because they’re tiny and their shells are quite soft when they’re very young.

we lived abroad when we had them, and we weren’t able to bring them home with us when we moved back, so we released them into the wild. would love to have tortoises again at some point.


is turtle and terrapin chat permitted, or do we need a separate thread?


domestic turtles and terrapins: fine
Ninja turtles: separate thread




oh and Hi thewarn!




Tortoises sounds wrong doesn’t it?



Le Tortoi?



my mate had a tortoise called joe, until they found out it was female, at which point her name was changed to jo. 60 years old she was at this point. doesn’t do much. my mam and dad’s dog was totally freaked out by it when we went round


i reckon it should be tortoi.


My Grandparents had a string of them, they were always escaping or getting lost, they used paint there shells which is apparently not too gd for them so don’t do that, (though water colour might not be so bad)


A couple of my friends have tortoises, inherited from nursery schools.I can ask them about hibernation stuff, if you want.