Total/Fage yoghurt



you’ve definitely heard of total though




French oil and gas company? Course!


I’m having my first ever fage right now


Hadn’t heard of this stuff till @plasticniki mentioned it and then there was this thread and now as part of the recipe for dinner tonight the tv comes in with this

What a time to be alive





Quite a robust consistency to it. Might try out some of the smoothie recipes:


Half-price on the split pots in Sainers at the moment lads.

Tell ‘em I sent ya!


for your FYI

No mention of fage there


They also can’t spell yoghurt though


That’s besides the point!!!


Turns out both are fine in English so ignore the shit out of this.



I’m not letting THE MAN (Sainsbos) tell me what’s what!!!


also I did a big Sainsbos shop the other day just to get a shitload of Fage and Rummo.


I’ve levelled up my Fage game