Total monthly outgoings (essentials) #ssp

Occurs to me that DiS is quite a helpful broad-spread indicator of essential outgoings across the UK (and indeed globally if you want to contribute).

For those in a family unit, put the number of people in bold above the total figure.

Essentials are not including tax on income, NI etc:

  • Rent/Mortgage/Payments made for a roof of any form over your head
  • Food
  • Council Tax
  • Bills for electric, water, gas, internet, phone, home/belonging insurance, (not life insurance), council tax, vets if you have pets.
  • (necessary, i.e. work, school runs etc) travel inc. car insurance
  • school fees, childcare, nurseries, anything essential for the continued healthy existence of your kids, obv.
  • similarly, if you’re shouldering costs for other family members who are in need of your financial help, these obviously count as essential outgoings.

Not including pension payments because this is something that could throw figures way too much.

So yes. What you got.

For us,

2 people

£2788 outgoings a month.

The biggest hits on that are mortgage, food and necessary travel, which on their own come to 2292. Power bills total £250 a month right now which is just more than double what we were paying before.

So i guess final figure per person is 1394 per month.

£1700 a month. 1 person

Before seperating it was only about £200 more a month for 2 people I think


I have some guesses on what the average will probably be but not being a parent means i am woefully out of touch with the extra hits that come from childcare and associated costs.

Yeah that’s solely my rent, council tax, bills and food.

Couldn’t imagine adding a child to the mix


3 and half people (my eldest is away at university about half of the time)

About £4000

Edit: probably closer to £4300 actually.

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Just looked at The Spreadsheet for the first time in ages and jesus it needs a good reformatting.

Household of two, outgoings of about £2500 total. That doesn’t include the recent energy bill increases though because the first month basically demolished the credit built up and I’m waiting to see where it settles, but probably chuck another £100 on there.

Travel costs right now are basically £0 + car maintenance.

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Just went through my online banking and everything essential is £648.91, but big up dead parents meaning no rent or mortgage

Edit: forgot cat, it’s £748.70 exactly

A conversation for another day but it’s truly disgusting how inheritance works and I say that as someone who’s benefited hugely.


Depends on the age really. Primary school and under you have to factor in the likely almost complete drop in expenditure on booze and eating out or going out. I reckon we were better off even factoring in childcare for at least the first 3 or 4 years.

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wait do you mean essential?

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this happened to us last month, yeah. joy of joys.

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I…don’t know

Should probably work it out (and check my privilege)

I pay some of the other bills and gf pays some of the others - I never see those.


Oh boots, yes I do :smiley:

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For a family of two people: £2188.26 per month

£1040.26 of that is mortgage. I budget around £600pm for food and bits for the house (e.g. paint); some months it’s way less, sometimes it’s way more.

Feel so tremendously lucky that shared ownership worked out for us and that we could convert it to full ownership relatively quickly.

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4 people

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Candles $3,600


which is weird because mortgage, food and travel probably only comes to…£1300 #whereisthemoneygoing
Actually changed…Just £1k on everything else probs dunno!

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Yeah actually not something I know for similar reasons but also you pay rent and get paid fortnightly in Aus which messes with my head.


Rent is 600 pm
Food roughly 400 pm
Oil is 50 pm roughly
Leccy is about 60 pm
Internet is 40 pm

So around 1150 per month. I could get the food bill well down but my gf is not a fan of eating basically the same thing 3 days in a row and likes to eat meat

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ooh. was unaware of this!

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The Essentials