Total monthly outgoings (essentials) #ssp

@ me, coward

actually have to look at all that stuff against since leaving my old job’s very generous pensions and benefits stuff. Don’t wanna.

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Was going to post but it’s too depressing :frowning_face:


Rent - £460
Council Tax - £116
Electric - £125
Broadband - £28
Landline - £7
Water - £31
TV Licence - £13

Comes to roughly £780, which two of us split down the middle.

Then a few personal essentials:

Garage - £26
Office - £146
Food - £225
Toiletries/Household - £25
Mobile - £10

Which I guess puts my monthly essential bills in total at around £820.

Roughly £200 a month of non-essential bills (Sky, BT Sport, Spotify, subscriptions, magazines, lottery, premium bonds, etc, etc).

No travel costs as both jobs are within walking distance of home.

Everything else gets pissed up the wall.

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Family of 4 (2 adults an almost 4yr old and an 18mth old)

Rent - £1100
Council tax - £172
Water - £32
Electric/Gas - £185
Internet - £31
Car insurance - £40
Diesel - was £80 this month to fill up, and that’ll last about 4wks
Phones - £55. (both bills)
Food - around £350-400 (£200 in a joint account, 1 weekly shop and I pay for any top up shops)
Childcare - about £500 as an educated guess (daughter is on 30hrs free, but requires hefty wraparound. Son is one day a week childminder, but going to 3 soon :upside_down_face:)

Total of £2545

So I pay out on top £125 on credit card repayments

My share of the above is roughly £1225 without food contribution (£600 of the rent, council tax, electric/gas, internet, diesel, £30 on phone and £125 on debt) and doesn’t include Netflix, Disney or Spotify for family which is another £36 and other payments of roughly £25. My food contribution on top of that.

No savings, minimal contribution pension and no real out from the renting trap apart from family inheritance which I’m not relying on obvs. Feels great don’t it.


About £1500, the most significant amount of which is on rent.

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Several estimates in here, but something like…

Mortgage 2,105
Electric/gas (post June this year) 145
Council tax 220
Water 35
Broadband/landline 25
Car insurance 35
Home insurance 35
Mobile phone (x2) 12
Food 400
TV licence 13
Childcare 200

So around £3,200 a month for two adults and two children…

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I have absolutely no idea

Rent £850
Internet £30
Council tax £99
Water £23
Food no idea whatsoever
Insurance £5
Gas/electric no idea what the average is. I just pay however much I use per month. I didn’t ever submit regular meter readings until both my providers went bust (I am now on British Gas with two separate accounts… :sweat_smile: ) so I don’t even know how I’d work out a monthly average because it would just be like a hunner here for three months or six months or whatever. My April bill was £45 for gas and electricity but that’s not representative of my average (obviously it’s a lot higher in winter).
Mobile £17

Idk like £1100 then plus food. Also about £100 on trains to work (three times a month usually - once a week except the week I’m in Bristol which they pay for)

No savings here at all.

Two adults, two primary age kids, one dog, living in the midlands

Mortgage 404
Gas and electric 125
Water 73
Council tax 172
Internet and TV 50
Mobiles 50
Lease car 242
House/pet/car/life/appliance insurance 110
Childcare - 120ish, varies depending on holidays
Paying back debts (interest free, fortunately) 200
Kids’ regular activities - ridiculous amounts - about 150 I think - though just realised payment hasn’t gone out for one of them for months so hope they don’t start chasing :grimacing:
Dog food and vet subscription 50
Food about 100-120 a week
No idea how much we spend on fuel, a lot at the mo, but no commuting costs for me at the mo and Mr B about to change to a wfh/walking distance office job.

Writing this all down is a bit daunting, I used to be super organised with a spreadsheet but think I’ve been in denial since our income fell apart at the beginning of covid. We do have a chance to build ourselves back up now and not have to hold our breath at the end of each month though suspect we’ll just find new ways to piss it away. Causes me more stress than anything else, and I could probably do a lot to get that number down to be honest.

Our water seems really high - does everyone else pay every month? We only pay April - November so wondering if that’s why it’s higher. We’re not on a meter.

i pay £35 per month at present (family of two)

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Not a lot I can do about water I suppose, I can’t shop around!

Two people just inside M25 around £2700 per month. Plus I pay child maintenance.

Gas + electricity has just gone from around £100 to £175 just like that.

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Ok, I’m less depressed about this thread now. I also want to preface what I am about to share with acknowledging my privilege: I earn a good salary and have chosen to live alone is one of the most expensive places in the UK. I am also able to support my son financially whilst he is at uni.

That said, my rent is eyewatering at £1050 for a one bedroom garden flat.
Council tax is about £115 after the single person discount
Rent and living money for my son: £425
Petrol: about £250 a month but that will reduce massively now I’ve mostly finished teaching until September.
Car tax, breakdown cover, insurance: about £70

They’re the big things then it is utilities, mobile phones (mine and my son’s), food, TV subscriptions, music subscriptions, bike hire for my son, some costs for the house in France etc.

It all totals about £2500 per month I think.

For the first time in many years I have mostly depleted my savings. It’s a pretty scary place to be as I like to have a bit of a buffer. Moving country, fixing my car, rent deposit ate a lot of that. My son finishes uni this year so that will help when he’s financially independent.

(Edit: I also pay about £400 a month into my pension but that comes out of my wages so it isn’t money I really see. My employer pays 3 or 4 times that amount each month so I am banking on being able to retire as early as possible)

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Three people - two adults and a kid, plus one cat. Around £3,750 a month all in. The big cost other than our mortgage is childcare - full time nursery in London is costing over £1,500 a month. Cannot wait for this kid to get less expensive.

I am mostly OK with keeping on top of expenses but generally bad at saving and very lazy about finding deals, so my husband deals with all the bills and I transfer my share to the joint account every month. I couldn’t tell you the individual expenses.

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This savings chat has made the thread very uncomfortable for me whereas I was finding it quite useful until that point. Wonder if a separate thread would be good for accruing money rather than what we’re doling out as I’m sure I’m not the only one banking on death as a retirement plan :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

(I mean, I can just stay out of here now but just something to consider)


IDK, but I spend pretty much all of what I earn. I’m fine whilst I have a job, but starting to worry how I’ll cope when I retire because what my pension provider tells me I’m likely to get doesn’t seem like it will cover the essentials. Feel like I’m part of a generation that is mostly without final salary pensions and with big mortgage or rent payments and terrible annuity rates.

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Mortgage: £500
Council Tax: £100
Home/various insurance: £100
Factors: £50
Power: £75
Phone: £25
Food:£200 (guess i maybe spend more than this and could probably do it for less easily but seems a good average)

1 person - £1050

nah i agree, this thread was made really with the purpose of what it initially was - comparing outgoings and in the cases of some people then correcting anomalies/things that felt too high, and just really seeing how your own outgoings fitted into the grand scheme of things.

@moderators is there a way that the savings poll, and savings chat, can be moved to a new thread?

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agreed - totally shifts the dynamic of the thread (no criticism meant towards anyone!)