Total Recall

Two things that tend to push me towards real are

  1. why is the guy obsessing about Mars in the first place?

  2. There is one scene we see that he doesn’t - the “we haven’t implanted it yet” scene in the office, which implies events are happening separately from him

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He’s sweating because he has to convince him or else the guy’s mind will be lost forever and the company will look bad and he’ll probably get sacked. Also because it probably still hurts to be shot in the sim.

This scene is on right now

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Also, could just be part of the fantasy they’ve implanted


No arguments about Robocop from me.

I do love Total Recall. Probably the best actual movie of Arnie’s golden age, but it’s not in the same league.

Doesn’t really matter. Like Blade Runner or any other PKD adaptation, the fact that the protagonist can never actually know if it was real or not is a big part of it.


This second scene is in his head.

The first is just his obsession

I have an audio version of ut somewhere. Will have to listen.

If I pull this trigger, it won’t matter :sweat_smile:

Unbelievable stuff.


I mean sure but I think it’s always good to know what the filmmaker thought when they made it

My assumption is that all Dick isnt real.

har har har

Fun film but Robocop and Starship Troopers pip it for me I think

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  1. could be part of the whole spiral though?

Well my boy, you’re a hero. Fuck you

One liners are off the scale.


Consider that a divorce has gone already, can’t resist mentioning it though. What a line. Insane cinema.


Do you think this is the real Quaid? IT IS..


Dick Jones is basically Dick Jones all over again, and I have no problems with this.


I think its is outstanding. It’s probably a 10/10 movie and belongs in my personal Top 10 of all-time. Pisses on every Bond film, the Sci-Fi elevates it. Essentially 2000AD X-Rated, and that ticks my boxes. It’s not at Robocop level, the only ever 11/10 film, better than Spinal Tap. I’m a bit of an aficionado of that era, that will never change.

Assuming I’m not coaxed out for NYE I think I might watch Robocop tomorrow for approximately the 151st time. I’ll buy THAT for a $


See you at the party, Richtaaahhhh!!!

The best Arnie film. Glad to see other fans.
Very glad they never did a remake!