Total Recall

I have never seen the remake and probably never will. I mean, that’s like remaking Point Break, oh, wait!

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Yup, love this film. Was it the last pre-CGI blockbuster? Feels that T2 changed the game in terms of FX. Not a bad thing for Total Recall - love all the practical FX in it :+1:

FWIW I’ve always watched it assuming it’s all real and probably not going to change my mind now. Feel like he’s somewhat under-appreciated, but there is a Dan O’Bannon x-factor to all of the films he was involved in.

Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers all top top level sci-fi/b-movie/satire/everything films for me…


Thankfully those remakes are hypothetical and don’t exist.

“now here’s da suh-prise… You are not you, you are me.”

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Total Recall “is it real?” > Inception “is it real?”


Are you okay, are you YOU?

The one liners in Total Recall are fantastic.

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Total Recall is real, yet it might not be.

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For the memory of a lifetime…recaaaaall, recaaaaaallll, recall

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You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around here

Look who’s talking!

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“Shit, I ain’t even married!”

Very outdated/narrow-minded views on relationships and procreation from Benny.


I think it’s real and always have, but it always makes me question that, a lot, and that is testament to how good the film is. It stands up. For me it’s Verhoeven No 2, and generationally influenced, he’s the best film producer. I get other are actually better, but this speaks to me directly.

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I think it’s real too.
Brilliant film.

“Thank you for choosing Johnny Cab!”


Where am I? You’re in a Johnny Cab

Time to get my ass to bed.

Tomorrow ROBOCOP, maybe…



Stay out of trouble!


our archiving company at my workplace was called Recall, they would visit us twice a week… I would always address them like this


Yeah I never really considered the not real thing to be more than a twist for the halfway point until I got the DVD and listened to the commentary.

I think the action side makes it hard to lean into “not real” because the action is automatically ‘unrealistic’ at a level that all the other action films are where there’s no possible conceit that it could be otherwise.

Whereas a cerebral film like Blade Runner where the hero is clearly terrible at his job despite everyone claiming he’s the best leans we’ll into that.

@thesewoodenideas I would have been up for a remake that stuck closely to the original story and did it well because it’s quite a different thing but from the sounds of things that wasn’t going yo be the case in the hypothetical one.

So does actual piss

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Both pretty bad movies imho. Why would satire have to be corny and basic?

Oh Bam :frowning: