Totally Tuesday Evening

What’s this madness? Where’s the evening thread? Are you all too hot to start one? …

Obviously now I’m paranoid there is already one :cold_sweat: if so, you know what to do, mods!

Got a bunch of boring documentation to read through tonight, really would rather not do that but whatever. The good news is I bought cake today, so I will consume that immediately after to soften the blow.

Been listening to Adam Buxton’s new book today, he mentions this song in it and how much he likes it and to be honest, I’ve always enjoyed it too, so here you go:


Had a really shitty day, with patches of loveliness. Had a great breakfast out this morning, then a good picnic with my sister, before having to sort my nan out and seeing my grandpa in hospital. That was bleak.

So going to go to the beach with my @GoldFlakePaint mag, headphones, a beer and my swimmers and get in the sea. May have a Mac D’s for dinner too.


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:frowning: sorry to hear of the bad parts of your day Rich, sending you a HUGE hug, honestly, it’s enormous. A beer and a swim and a Maccy D’s sounds really nice xx


Thanks witches x


well that sounds like a great way to spend the evening after a tough day. :+1:


sending hugs rich x


we’re getting pide aren’t we

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Hey up witches.

Going to watch some snooker this evening. Quite fancy this dress…what do you think?

Put some wine in the fridge so likely to have that and all…

@rich-t love to you still, sea swimming sounds perfect. X


Ooo, I love that dress! It’s very cool. Big fan of gingham type patterns AND shirt dresses :smiley:

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Also it has pockets

Stupid not to really :muscle::smile:


All the things that I want to do involve being in my room but my room is about five degrees hotter than downstairs. You see the predicament I’m in.


Another scorcher out there today eh? Hopefully everyone’s got those air conditioner’s cranking!

Finished another fucking gruelling week. Feel like I’m falling apart at the seams tbh. Beer and hot dawgs for tea.

Off to the gym

:+1: I think you will look great in that :blush:

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No such thing in your average British home.


I don’t know man. Seems like an unseasonably hot summer over there. Don’t torture yourselves, don’t want you guys keeling over.

Have my windows thrown open and the curtains drawn, it’s the best I can do :pensive:

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I just tried to play guitar but by the time I’d plugged it all in I was too hot and bothered

Very happy that both daughters had a big eat out to help out lunch and are not hungry for tea, meaning I can just give my son freezer scraps and I don’t have to leave the flat again today to go to sainos

It’s just me and my son this evening (he’s 16) . What’s a good “boyz” film on the ol Netflix or amazon we can watch later and I’ve not seen too recently? Is Upgrade any good? Tell you what I am sick of “choosing something to watch”. I’ve watched everything , more than once if it’s any good

Guys… I’m moving house today :expressionless: