Totally Tuesday

What’s up guys?

Dreamt I had a Dalmatian puppy.

Off to Stourhead in my excellent new spotty jumpsuit

Please leave details of outfits and plans below


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Hi Slicky! Working 7.30-5.30 and it’s Funky Friday :partying_face:
Today’s outfit will be a thick coat of perspiration. And some clothes.


Happy Friday to you!

Are there plans for a Dolly HGATR? Glad want it, half don’t want my heart further angered by the ignorant 1ers.

Had a dream where i talked to my dad and hugged him, he died 9 years ago and dreams like this are jarring and rare but I have very vivid dreams and it felt so real which was nice. Miss him a lot.

Going to stay in a tshirt and loose trousers, very keen to go swimming in hampstead heath but it will be really crowded


Oh god I wanna go swim swim so bad.

I’m already half naked. Apparently there’s gonna be thunderstorms later.



Coming very soon actually.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Back at work. Trawling through a week of emails.


Had a dream where I accidentally walked into a huge orgy sex party and had to tell Cameron Diaz and Justin Theroux about it and they were upset they’d never been

It’s moving day. Better get the keys or I’ll shit in my hand


Good morning, phone died so missed my alarms. So had an extra hour or so in bed. Was good.

No time for a walk now though.

Morning Slicky, morning all. I was out of the house just after 5, walked six-and-a-bit miles around the supermarkets, had my traditional bacon sandwich breakfast halfway through and I’m now back home. The rest of the day will probably be reading George Orwell’s essays, which might very well be the best things he wrote. Might have a nap first, though.
The river was so peaceful this morning. Bar a handful of cyclists, the only movement was the birds.

Thunderstorms are - for now - due to start early hours of Thursday in this neck of the woods, @tilty. Cannot wait for them, tbh.


Morning all!

Glasgow is quite cool and a bit showery at the moment. It’s nice.

I’m going to have a shower and then sit in front of a laptop screen for about six hours. I didn’t do my job application yesterday but I did rescue an lost child soldier in MGSV so not a completely wasted day.

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Back to work after a lovely 4 day weekend by the beach, URGH take me back. I’ve been sent an URGENT! email to collate some feedback/stats as well for tomorrow and CBA. Also, it’s far too humid out.

Ive just checked the weather and there will be both Isolated and scattered thunderstorms later. Whatever that means.

There was rain! For approximately two minutes

Going library to pick up books :sunglasses:

Wearing sleeveless black top, cropped navy blue leggings, massive coat of dysphoria because I hate how my summer clothes make me feel, and these socks:

Edit: raining again :umbrella:


listening to folklore.

i could bathe in this album.


i’m off on safari. :lion: :giraffe: :zebra:


I can’t remember if I shared this yesterday but I read an article over the weekend which says there’ll be thunder and lightening and possibly 70mm of rain in an afternoon, but they can’t really say when it’ll happen other than before Friday.

I’m wearing jeans, spotty grey socks and a white t-shirt with horizontal stripes.

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Morning. Have the day off which is good because I am so fed up with the management of this place. Having to use my final week here going over my payslips to see what work they haven’t deemed worthy of paying me for, etc. I have loved so many things about being here and this is such a bad way to end it.

Might go swimming this afternoon if someone with a car also feels like it :woman_shrugging:t3: