Tote bags (show and tell)

Didn’t used to like them but I’ve decided I do now. But apart from a couple of freebies I don’t have any to show.

So anyone got any lovely tote bags they’d like to show? Good places to get them, any you have on your radar to get?

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Lambchop one used to be my fav but it’s not in the shape it was
Impressions gallery one is nice and robust
Made the yellow one myself so i like that one


I used to be somewhat anti tote but now I love them. Posted in the crafting thread, recently started tie-dyeing my own to use as gift bags. Running low on stock :thinking:

Have a couple of band ones - this is probably my fave…

This is my GOAT tote - proper heavy duty canvas and massive one that I sometimes lug my laptop and peripherals into work in :goat:

Have about half a dozen Rough Trade ones that live in the boot of the car for shopping. They give you one free above a certain spend so I would appear to be something of a loyal customer. Also have about half a dozen used as merch for an obscure horror b-movie from a couple of years that I attended a screening of and hoovered up. I like to feel that I’ve done more advertising for The Retaliators then anyone on earth not directly involved in the actual production of the film…


I worked in publishing for a few years and acquired literally hundreds. Just started treating them as disposable in the end.

Have a few now, but have kind of taken against them. Crap for carrying shopping when you’re on your bike, throws off your balance.

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Wow amazing collection.

I think one thing I like about totes is that they can get scrunched up and creased but still look good.

I need a backpack for this purpose, always been a messenger bag person but they aren’t great for bike shopping either.

Panniers for life :fist:


I’ve got millions but they’re mostly uninspiring ones from supplier promotions or events at work, like I’ve got an Andrex one and “supplier conference 2016”. Also got several 2nd hand ones from when a vintage shop in Brum used to sell them for 50p or something, including my favourite one

I just google translated the text and it means protect our environment


Just remembered another good one. Uniqlo recently did some pop art ones which are massive - not far off the size of an Ikea blu bag…


Indie points verified :+1:


Somehow I’ve only just discovered Uniqlo are good. Think I had them mixed up in my head with a different shop. Need to check them out.

Partner got some from Aveda who do hair stuff so we tend to call tote bags “Aveda bags”. Also got one from Bristol Uni that holds the dyson attachments/spare filter. We’re more of a backpack household though.

God I’m such a cliché…

… and I love it!


Got too many. Had a phase of finding them a good merch choice at gigs because they’re cheaper than t-shirts and last a lot longer.


had some real nice band/label related ones over the years but i have always used them as have the family, and many have been lost or destroyed. Had a great one from somewhere with boobs and a bong on (as part of a very tasteful image) which i used, when used as a nappy bag at playgroup went down really well…

Current favourite is a nightmare before Christmas one. In a particular slump at the moment.

Very tempted with the Duster anniversary one



First couple to hand


Favourite I’ve owned was this one

Very good quality and on-brand. As with all light totes it eventually got filthy and then through multiple washes faded and is now a bag to put other tote bags in.


The world’s favourite promo giveaway


I like making tote bags but haven’t made any for a while. These are the most recent ones I made for a couple of colleagues when I left (the animals resemble pets)

Might make some in the same fabric combo as these drawstring ones at the weekend


I don’t like the promo ones cause they’re always too small to be useful (and get really creased when washed). Any tote bag should comfortably be able to fit a bottle of wine, a few snacks, a book and a jumper at minimum.