Tough bastards of the animal kingdom

Bumble bees like to fly into windows at full pelt and then just turn round and get on with it.
Partridges can’t be fucked to fly over roads and get mullered by cars constantly.
Honey badgers.

One of our drivers has just phoned in because a pheasant has just gone through the windscreen on his truck.

Need some big bollocks to take on a 44-ton truck like that…

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Both the little one that carries leaves and the little one who makes broken videogames

Moths can’t be arsed to go AROUND the flame. Take a shortcut. Usually die but WHATEVS.

On Sunday I watched one pretty much nut the alloy of a Fiat Panda going at 50 before backing down and trotting back the way it came.

Thought you had some pimp pretend-jeep thing?

Was that BS?

I was in my pimp pretend jeep thing watching the Panda in front.

I had to brake to avoid a couple on the way home last night… and then ‘had to’ punt one out of the way (I wasn’t about to screech to a halt on a blind bend because some cunt bird can’t be fucked to use his wings)


He’s got one of those Panda 4x4s

The Panda in front is a Toyota