Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Anyway in more exciting news, Canyon Eisberg are back in the qualification spots for ToB after 2-4 today in Bristol.


Oh hello!


has to go and join the worst-looking* team, doesn’t he :frowning:

apparently lotto nl are pulling their sponsorship next season as well, so unless they get another big sponsor on board they’ll be team jumbo :smiley:

EDIT: (* - by worst-looking, i mean aesthetically speaking, as opposed to being needlessly mean about the relative levels of attractiveness of their riders! can’t get on board with the black/yellow/celeste combo at all)


Woot! Van Aert!


still 45 minutes before coverage starts ffs. what are us unemployed folk supposed to do with our time? :frowning:


Nap and set an alarm for when it starts?


it’s alright, starting now!


oh it’s the TTT today isn’t it

not going to be very exciting to watch


still going to, though, cos i’ve fuck all else to do





il rentre à la maison!


aye, obviously. what? am i going to do some work lol

world tour of france





please no simpson’s memes


This is now the simpsons thread


what’s the rules if someone gets dropped? the team gets the time of the 4th rider over the line, right? but i guess that only holds true if they all finish within a certain time of each other


Are there ever any crashes on the time trials? Would be terrifying to bail going that speed


the dropped riders just have to finish within the X% time limit, no?


yes, quite frequently.