Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


green cardigan? yeah probs




don’t like when you can see a rider’s spine through his jersey

eat a sandwich ffs


Like to see a bit of a belly on too


Yes, coolest guys



Has there ever been a bit of a porky rider?


Yeah, loads of them, but not really since 2010.

Jan Ullrich, big mig, me…


Can we start team pork pro cycling team?


Team pies? Team pints?


I’d argue that they abuse corticosteroids out of racing, which makes them leaner, whilst keeping power. But there’s the no doping embargo so…


Team big lads


Kittel looked like he was carrying a bit of timber when he was sorting that puncture yesterday. Probs just bending over in a skinsuit will make anyone look a wee bit chubby


we’ll make up the time downhill. Walking our bikes up gradients higher than 8% obviously


Kittel, and the gorilla, look bigger, but are actually leaner, and bulked out


The TTT would be a sight to behold.


Ultimate slipstream


Kittel bending over in a skinsuit gives me a chubby tbh


The second part of that was an actual team, so we’d be pretty pro


Marginal gains - 4 mini pork pies and 5 pints before bed or you’re off the team


energy gels - some nice duck pate