Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours




uae fly emirates :smiley:




sexy-haired katusha lads on the road now


"and it looks as though one of team Big Lads has had a mechanical…

oh no, he was just taking a breather"


‘Profk struggling to receive something from the car here…

Oh it’s a pack of camel blues.

This is the end of cycling’


Could see @Jeremys_Iron as a decent team manager actually, in the car, passing on chilled cans of Stella


Eat pâté, get spâté


Little key hanging out the driver’s side window before a big climb.




Christ, that last cofidis guy died there


Sagan isn’t massively skinny I guess


quick step are all over the shop :grimacing:


gaviria’s smoked, isn’t he. looked like they were trying to wait for him.


not a great result for nibbles


yeah, they’ve dropped him now and regrouped. looks like they’re about to lose another as well.


sagan looks like he’s struggling a bit.


yeah, he’s blown


Sagan loses yellow to GVA. Bitter pill I’d say, losing the most famous jersey in the sport to your main rival


I’ve got a spare Jeugdtour d’Assen jersey that ol’ Saggers can have to make up for it