Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


I’m sure he’ll appreciate that


State of those Sky TT champs jerseys


Fucking Watchfinder




You think a little flag on the sleeve is ok for a national jersey?


I’m confused… who’s meant to be wearing what?


The current champion on Sky is wearing a normal skinsuit with a tiny flag on the right sleeve. I’m always disappointed when it’s not given a proper showing. Obviously they’re on their charity thing atm, but it’ll be nice if they took a national jersey seriously. They’re sub Movistar efforts


Oh, Geraint? May be a technical regulation (ITT / TTT) Don’t recall seeing Pierre Latour in French colours today, and Tony Martin certainly wasn’t. Sleeve flag for G likely to represent his RR national win back whenever it was as is the norm. Was surprised Sunweb didn’t have rainbows so dunno tbh. Could well be wrong.


Ah yeah, maybe that’s it actually. Sky you are excused, for now.

No rainbow jersey for TTT champs, they get a little badge on their skinsuits

That flag will denote that Geraint is currently TT champ. RR champs have nothing to do with TT jerseys. Same with castroviejo (sp?) And Moscon


Mystery possibly solved. GO TEAM US! :raised_hand: :clap:




I award us commemorative national flags! :mag: :uk: :canada:


Can only wear/display them on TT days though


That reminds me, must really go about stopping being the Icelandic champion of something


The second half of this tweet is intriguing


carlton gleefully slagging off brest on the eurosport coverage. there was a cute donkey earlier as well.



he prolly should have gone a bit quicker then


some lovely graphene chat


some excellent clarinet/dancing action now as well.


has anyone ever won general, points and king of the moutain in the same tour de france?