Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Sure eddy has, and hinault I think

Edit; the badger has not


eddy in '69. his first tour.


did that mean he got white too?


No apparently not. Won all three, and the combative prize. Don’t think white existed then. Started in 1975


he would have done as he was 24 at the time, but they didn’t introduce the classification until 1975.


outstanding marckeeing going on in here


googles Marckeeing

Only have to read a book m9.


this is genuinely the first result if you google marckee:


Luckily I’ve shared a room with a Marckee


was he a very beautiful girl in which whom rocked your world, rich?




i’ve barely been paying attention to the racing today (had it on in the background but only half-listening)

think it’s pretty safe to assume that fuck all has happened, though

just spilled horlicks all down myself. these jeans were clean on this morning. sake.


i’ve not been watching it just listening to the commentary as nothing at all is happening


do you reckon the pros just piss themselves on the bike? rarely see them stop for a piss, do you.


Cav said recently that on cold days he did sometimes just piss himself for the warmth. I think it was Cav anyway.

Think when there’s a mass loo break they go to ads though. They just pull over and deal with it while still perched over the bike.


Spanish telly doesn’t have ad breaks and haven’t seen a piss stop yet!


Weird. Maybe they just go to another bit of the peloton.


they generally cut to the front of the bunch (or the breakaway if there is one) when it’s going on, but sometimes if you look further down the road you’ll see people peeling off the back of the peloton to go for a piss (or a poo if it’s dumoulin)


love watching the peloton organising for a sprint

gaviria again!


gutted for the gorilla there, thought he might snick it