Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


kittel’s looking a bit shit this tour


maybe all the caffeine in his hair is slowing him down


How would the riders know there’s an ad break? Normally the big one is when the racer leader decides they want a piss. Or they’ll grab a team mate and get them to push whilst they wee, or they’ll peel off the front or back and do it at the side of the road. They’ll often get a fine for peeing too close to spectators




it was the brest of times, it was the mûr-st of times




might have to watch highlights tonight to get a good look at Brest for when I obviously do PBP next year


stop perving on france’s brests, niki, jesus


Only watched one highlight programme, but I see things got a bit aggy towards Sky yesterday and then Luke Rowe acted like a child


oh shit GC favourite matthews didn’t start yesterday

this tour is now wide open


Gaudin predictably goes for the break straight from the flag


he’s gaudin the other riders




Been an emotional day at the tour de France. Even the peleton’s in echelons


Didn’t think Martin was staying away then. Thought Latour was gonna get him. Bardet lost a hell of an amount of time.


bardet must have given it the beans to get back on after his puncture cos he totally burst


great last 20km of that stage


It’s always a good finish, but I like the idea of a finishing circuit


so are sky trying to get thomas to win now instead of froome?


No. But Thomas has been told to race for himself until the Alps