Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


shit boring stages?


Long pointless stages. Yohann offredo had a massive pop at Aso yesterday.

Who knows. But it’s Bastille Day and the peloton are on a cafe ride


Look at Sagan at the back of the bunch clowning around.


Throw him off the tour!


Something has happened!


what? I can’t be arsed turning the telly on


A breakaway with Laurens Ten Dam


No doubt theres something in this, but shit data (eg theyre only looking at itv4 highlights show - which has clashed with world cup), means ill take it with a pinch of salt for now.


Good point. I didn’t realise that


nice to see the public WAKING UP to the fact that the one day races/world championships are the better watch.

watched a sunday in hell last night by the way. incredible.


one of the #asksagan questions on eurosport just there was “what do you do to relax at the tour?”

“yesterday we relaxed for 225km”


Would like to see the numbers vs. The last World Cup year


Let’s put it this way, it’s currently on the host broadcasters 4th sport channel. It’s Bastille Day. And they’ve moved the start and finish times to accommodate the #worldcup. Not a priority today


1998 must’ve been hideous for French sports hacks with a home, successful world cup and festina kicking off



As if kirby couldnt get any worse, both him and brian are properly mouth breathing today. Think this is prob the biggest single impact on the viewing figures


eurosport player crashes with 2km to go

absolutely go and fuck yourself


Oof. Unlucky japes.

Dg looking good. Good showing from griepel in second. First time ive noticed gaviria get proper aggro (headclash) after clashing with the gorilla.


managed to get it on itv in time for the last 750m

wonder what’s going to happen to gaviria. no way he’s getting away with that.


Threw Renshaw out for that in '09. Would be disappointed if they didn’t follow suit.