Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Footage doing the rounds showing nibs was downed by a fan, not a moto


Fans all on the beers, riders all on the drugs, need the motorbike pilots to all be on the fags and we’ve achieved true cycling glory.


Who is that lad in the green Jersey? A complete nobody.


i think he’s going to be big.


If they’d said ‘pure sprinters’ they’d be right. Champs elysee is gunna be such a mess


Fucking HELL man, that is shocking!!

Also got really angry at that spectator trying to throw him back on the bike. Like, the boy is seriously hurt and now we know it as a tour ending injury (broken vertebrae ffs!). Like fair enough, offer a hand, pick the bike up for him, but when someone is on the deck, in pain, possibly with broken limbs, i dunno, maybe DON’T.PICK.THEM.UP.AND.THROW.THEM.BACK.ON.THEIR.BIKE :rage: idiots, man. Never mind the boy who decked him in the first place.


From the same article

The mass withdrawals of the elite sprinting clique means that the green jersey competition is now virtually a walkover for Peter Sagan, who continues to dominate the points classification despite on Wednesday announcing his divorce from his wife, Katerina.


wtf? haven’t they just had a kid?


Can whoever told me to back nibali PayPal me a tenner


he was definitely going to win the tour until that spectator pushed him over. think you should try and track the dude down on twitter and hit him up for some :dollar:


yeah, in october.

sad times :frowning:


Movistar’s Tour


Ned Boulting doing a french accent everytime he pronounces a place name is really getting on my norks.


getting serious now with some
hardcore pear chat on eurosport


3km to go FYI


saggy saggy saggy can’t u see sometimes yr bike skillz hypnotize me


My mum loves Saggy. She’s proper excited. GET IN THERE I SAY.

Would be a cool stepdad brag.


This is sad. Let us never forget the good times



Wiggins is such a cunt