Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


There’s one Aldi cyclist wearing a Belgian flag coloured kit.


Yves Lampaert, :belgium: national champion


Why do you think?

Oh, @twentynine ruined it


Idk, I thought it was only the world champion that had to wear diff kits. Does that mean the spanish, French, Italian etc champions have different kits too?




Although there’s not too many of them in the tour this year


Yup, as well as the European champion (which I rather like as a jersey tbh)



Have a read through that.


Too many different jerseys for me.


tsgabu grmay abandons


Can you enter the Tour de France as an amateur?


Yeah. It’s as easy as entering the FIFA World Cup.


Chavanel’s gonna get caught innit


France looks well nice doesn’t it


Looks nicer than Spain


Not a shade on Basingstoke


The pride of hants


Direct energie should get to the front of the peloton and form a defensive barrier slowing it all down


sanchez down, not looking great


Ouch. Half the skin from his arm is on the road