Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours




Oooft, I think I might have got the last 2 tickets then.

Sorry chief.


Saw Time Trial last night, thought it was excellent! Really got a sense of how hard it is to be a professional rider. The footage of San Remo and whatever that climb in that Italian walled city was looked absolutely fucking brutal!

Thought Dan Deacon’s soundtrack was great too. Great choice using the track from America for that early scene following the TT bike.


Kuss (LottoNL Jumbo) wins the Tour of Utah with a very good performance.

Kwiatkowski wins the Tour of Poland

Zapata (Columbia), the world Kerin champion, has tested positive for banned steroids.


Tony Martin to LottoNL Jumbo


And that’s a masterclass in cornering


really amazing, this - the size of the gap she creates for herself with that one turn is incredible


:scream: :scream: :scream:


Seen that news about the Pidcock team?


I 'ave indeed! Don’t think he’ll take me though


You’ll never know. Could string some results together this season.


Busy old transfer season.

Geskche moves to BMCCCC, meaning Tom D loses one of key domestiques for GT racing.

Jelly Belly wrap up sponsorship of the American Continental team after 19 years. Huge shame. an interesting angle from Neal Rogers on Cyclingtips, this year was the first year Jelly Belly wasn’t invited to the ToC (now an non Mandatory WT race) and the team have lost their sponsorship from Jelly Belly. Coincidence or not, making many of the American races 1.HC or WT is not good for the domestic scene, much like forcing the RideLondon classic to WT hasn’t seen it develop in the same way the ToB has.

Hansen not picked for Lotto Soudal’s Vuelta team. Reckon he could be on the move.

Cav pulls out of the Tour of the Arctic circle or whatever it’s called. Think he’s still suffering from concussion from earlier in the season (imo) and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s raced his final WT race, or pro race.

The Binck Bank tour is on atm. But I’ve not watched any cycling apart from the European champs for the past 6 weeks or so. So no idea what’s going on there racing wise.


is hansen realistically going to be signed by someone else? he’ll be done shirley


I reckon somebody like DDD would pick him up


Cant watch it now its called this. Lord how i miss the eneco tour :frowning:


Niki Terpstra signs or Direct Energie

… yeah, I had to read it a couple of times too.


They want a WT license and invites to the classics if they can’t get a WT license. Good way to go about it, but risky for terpstra. QSF also don’t have a sponsor for next year, so it could be him jumping ship before he knows it’s sinking.


Yeah, can see the benefit for DE. QSF still have a super strong team but you’d think they’d want to hold onto a double monument winner eh? Suppose there’s lots that can be going on, maybe they offered him the bonus system that Gilbert is on and he wanted cold hard cash?

Hard to think of them struggling considering how much they cleaned up in the spring.


Yep, but they could probably afford to lose him (in cash terms as well) considering the talent they have coming through. Calmejane working for Terpstra in RvV is tasty though.


Great news. I want to see a slightly more equal distribution of classics talent.