Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


I want Euskatel back with Gilbert


That’s a point. Still expect QuckStep to do a job though, their roster is still very, very strong…if they find a sponsor as Rich mentioned.


Mathieu van der Poel Wins the first stage of the Arctic Race of Norway. Those CX boys are doing a grand job on the road, after both podiuming the European champs and WVA winning a stage and overall in the Tour of Denmark.


watched the tour for the first time this year, really enjoyed it and want to get more into cycling. What are good things to read to get my head around all that’s going on? I think I understand the basics, but all the races & teams etc are quite overwhelming! What sites should I be reading / following?



Covers all aspects of cycling, from race previews/reviews, book reviews, roads to ride, and the smaller things like pro Cycling team accounts and culture like viewing and cafe culture. An absolute must read.

My go to for daily news and longer form articles on all sorts of cycling (also have/or had?) a great female cycling section. Also employe 3 of the best cycling journos around in Caley Fretz, Neal Rogers and Shane Stokes. Will be questioning around performance. bike exploring and bikes of the bunch articles are great. Aussie site, so get a level a objectivity that British based sites don’t have. Secret Pro and Shecret pro are great features.

American based, but stick mainly to race reporting. Andrew Hood is a fine journalist. Also have some good Q&A articles on bike maintenance.

Some good Twitter accounts for daily news on races/transfers/news.

Also cycling Podcast is good if you can deal with the very biased slant of Richard Moore.


Amazing, thanks!

I’m currently reading this and really enjoying it:


Cossins is great tbh.

Also in terms of books Edward Pickering (de ronde), William Fotheringham, Alisdair Fotheringham (his book about the 1998 tour is staggering) , Max Leonard (his Lantern Rouge book is brilliant), and the slew of doping confession books (kimmage - rough ride, Tyler Hamilton, Thomas Dekker, willy voet, Christophe bassons) are must reads


Great, looking forward to getting stuck in!


How are you with watching races? Do you have Eurosport? Today saw 4 races shown back to back (Binck Bank tour, tour of Hungary, tour of limousin and the Colorado classic). So racing from all levels. My favourite hipster race, Schaal Sels, is on at the beginning of September

That and Tro Bro Leon are, for my money, the best one day races on the calendar, along with Le Samyn and San Sebastian


Ah no wasnt expecting that. RIP


I’ve got Eurosport through Amazon Prime, so I can watch it on my computer, might get access to something I can watch it on the TV with.

I’ve only really watched the Tour de France, caught about a third of it. Oh and I watched the European Championships race last weekend

I hadn’t realised Eurosport showed so much.


An insane amount tbh. Literally something most weeks between February and November. Currently in late season stage race (prepping for the Vuelta and worlds) and Italian and French semi classic season. Teams for the Vuelta are being announced. The classics season (mid Feb-late April) and the late season (around now to end of Oct) are the best for racing.


Ah great! I’ll try and catch some of the one day ones you recommended


If you’re interested, just watch it all. There’s a massive difference in the types of racing (one day races, a bit of lottery, and full of intrigue. One week stage races are still unpredictable but depends on their position on the calendar. Grand tours are utterly dominated by Sky atm and lack any sort of spontaneity or unpredictability).

There’s a calendar on inrng that has race dates on it, and Eurosport are good at planning their schedule in advance.

The Vuelta is worth watching as it has a good end of school feel to it. Riders coming back from injury, looking for redemption, riders looking for a contract next season. Riders winding down for the off season. The tour is the biggest race and it doesn’t always lead to good racing.


Could talk about cycling all day (as shown by the fact 460 of the 1674 are mine). But still not watching anything atm.


+1 for Inner Ring. The race previews can be a bit verbose, but everything else is fantastic. Well worth dipping into the archives to see if anything catches your eye.

@rich-t - Has anyone ever figured out who he/she is? The debate seemed to settle on an unidentified former rider, but that was a few years back.


wait, what’s this


You can pay £5/month to add the Eurosport channel through the “channels” bit of TV. You can only stream on certain devices (my roku isn’t one of them) but you can watch stuff afterwards on anything that supports the prime video app


ah right okay. I pay for them both separately, thought you were about to tell me that you get it for free or something.

ps the best races are the one day classics, the five most prestigious ones are the monuments


Laurens Ten Dam to BMCCCC. Subweb are losing all their GT domestiques. Just need to see what’s happening to Kelderman now.