Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Fantasy Vuelta? 684230628 (


is this velogames or the shit one




ASO own the Vuelta, so surprised this is still running.


Think yer man’s come to a deal with them. Site’s full of disclaimers. GOOD though, love me some velogames.


I missed this so I hope I’m not too late.

This book is a really good primer on racing dynamics / tactics:


Is it? Thought it was more around setting the scene around some epic TdF stages and the people involved. Still a good read even though it’s by Richard Moore


Yep. Really made loads of things fall in place for me a couple of years ago when I read it.


Excellent, thanks! I’ll stick that on the list!


Not a particularly well-kept secret, but this is the absolute dog’s danglies of news today :mage:


yes mate! :smiley:


what’s your beef with richard moore all of a sudden?




Never really been a particular fan tbh (that etape book is good though), and seems to have made a tidy living out of perpetuating Sky myths and is also the weakest of the TCP lot imo


moore > friebe > birnie


Tommazeau > Friebe > Birnie > Moore


aw yeah tommazeau is pretty good.

moore is good at chairing it. the few times he’s not there it feels well amateurish and clunky.


Saw this v. Expensive book in a magazine yesterday

Looks quite pretty eh.


Oh just seen there’s a less expensive version for £40


Yeah, always had him down more as the presenter/chair than a journalist on TCP. Plucks out opposing viewpoints and lets the other two whinge about stuff.