Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Yeah posted this in the thread. Want this so bad.


Cartes du Tour is the only thing bookmarked in my browser that’s not carefully squirrel’d away in the correct folder. Reminding me to buy it for my own birthday present on payday.


You going for the really expensive version or the slightly expensive version?


Just the £40 one. Was half-tempted to pick it up in Soho at the ToB but it’ll be rammed with twats.


Jeeeez carlton kirby is literally insufferable today



So many races today, Vuelta, Deutschland, poulay, Brittany classic, Schaal Sels


Avenir too.

Mohoric wins overall in Deutschland after taking the Binck Bank Tour last week.

Timothy Dupont (Wanty) wins Schaal Sels

Naesen wins Brittany Classic-Poulay


yeah, he’s been driving me nuts this afternoon :grimacing:


Beating Valgren and Wellens. AG2R’s first WT win of the year, leaving EF Education First the only WT team without a WT win.

Looks bleak too


Nibs and Porte dropped


Valverde schmalverde


I thank you very much


Ned Boulting wasn’t much better. Was banging on about Kwiatkowski had the win on the last corner then Valverde burnt over the top of him.

Unlucky anyone who had Porte in their fantasy team, finishing 13.31 down down today. Lars Boom made the time limit by 4 seconds.


gonna try and go to stage 11 of the vuelta (best tour) as its really near where I live.


Aqua Blue fold


Rather jam chopsticks into my ears than listen to Daniel Friebe. Fucking hell.


So thinking you deserve everything on a fucking platter and then calling everyone dickheads when this doesn’t happen wasn’t a good business model then?


Yeah basically. Bit weird blaming the UCI (yes there does need to be changed and reformed) for their oversight and lack of any planning around the current way things are done.


So he wanted to sustain the team with money from races and an online shop? Surely he must’ve realised that that specific model isn’t sustainable in cycling’s current format


And where does leave Verandas Willems and Wout van Aert?