Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


In the BMC/CCC setup ~cough~ Say what.


LottoNL Jumbo from what I’m reading but he has a contract until 2019, so unless they pull out, he’s going nowhere


2/3 so far (not they’ve been the toughest of choices)


@rich-t is 2/3 on picking stage winners so far!




And the other in the top 3 on stage 1


show off :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s when it gets to the mountains it falls to pieces (also really want one of those prints, not fussed about the mugs they put up).


yeah, the prints are really nice


They do the hour record holder prints too. Based in Winchester as well.


He doesn’t go on about it though.


Course not.


Verandas Willems in talks with Team Rompot for a merger. Basically, if there’s no team, WVA becomes a free agent


Here Rich have they actually given you the prize for any of these yet? Like I assume if you guess the winner you go into a draw?


Yeah you go into a draw, and no, not won anything yet.


Today’s the day! :crossed_fingers:


I’ve a good feeling about cuntchops Valverde


Not even close


I won’t be surprised if we’ve seen his last race. I can’t imagine Dimension Data will want to extend his contract.


@AtTheBorderGuy same as you, reckon he’s done, at least at this level anyway