Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


yeah, seems inevitable at this point. can’t imagine he’s ever going to be competitive at the top level again.

quite sad tbh, as i’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for cav. it is a shame he never managed to get up to eddy’s tour stage tally, but the last couple of seasons he hasn’t been close to being able to compete in the bunch sprints, so it’s been looking increasingly unlikely for a while.


Yeah, grumpy, prickly guy, but his absolute NEED to win made him one of the most competitive out and out winners ive ever seen, in any sport.

Will miss him.


Also not amazingly gifted as a cyclist (seem to remember reading something about team managers passing the opportunity to sign him) but his attitude and sheer power were amazing to see. That 2009 tour was incredible.


Of all the maddening things about kirby, i think (a) his inabilty to make simple time calculations and (b) inability to spot when live time gaps are going up/down too quickly to be reliable are the worst.

Clarke must have the beating of de marchi and mollema here


…unless he lets the chasing 3 back in…


The Vuelta loves a breakaway


Molard in red then. Nice.


Is Simon Clarke one of the ones Kirby is always spaffing over?


Not noticed before, but wouldnt surprise me. He’s no uran though.


Yeah he is. Him, Uran and Gerrans


2/5 on the predos. Shit


And alaphillipe, but he gets a pass there.


Lars Boom as well


Who wouldn’t want be paid to say Boom all the time??


Stop standing up for Kirby, Rich! :angry:


I’m not. The guy is a grade A prick. I’m saying I’d like to be paid to say Boom.

He also can’t read a race, struggles with tactics and is a massive Sky fan, so he’s not getting a pass from me. Hate it when commentators use nicknames in broadcasting, and he’s one of the worst for that. G instead of Thomas for instance.


This is bad, but his making up of shite nicknames (that his colour commentators wisely always ignore) is possibly even more annoying.


“And here comes Turbo-Durbo!” shudders


Exactly what @thewarn is after.


I swear they employ him for his excitability only