Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Too busy laughing at sean kelly being described as a ‘colour commentator’


Did you not know grey is his favourite colour


He did such a long ‘ehhhhhhh’ earlier that i was a bit worried he might be having a funny turn.


I get sporadic whatapps from @howtobealone with Sean Kelly mispronunciations. Genuinely brightens my day


i’m very glad! i was worried it might get annoying!


btw, my biggest current carlton kirby peeve is the terrible post/postman/delivery puns he does every time lukas pöstlberger arrives anywhere near the front end of a race.

“he always delivers”
“he’ll be hoping to deliver himself a big present in the form of a stage win today”


Roompot and Sniper Cycling (Verandas-Willems) merge for 2019 as Roompot-Crelan. WVA on the fucking road!


has kelly ever referred to a rider as “the red lantern” ?

i would enjoy that


Why the fuck is Richie Porte in a break, on a sprinter’s stage?


Also, possible echelons today!


for a laugh


Well he’s not in contention for the GC, and this is how he got the pink jersey in the 2010 giro, just a totally different type of stage.


“mini chorizo cookers made of pot. sean have you seen them?”


Made of pot? Interesting


i think he meant they are a pot but who knows


I like it best when he asks sean a question and is just flat out ignored.


would listen to a 5hr youtube supercut of all those moments


Kind of like a live action garfield minus garfield


sean must be so, so sick of him by now


have you seen the state of this visit india advert? i thought it was a piss take.

~i found yoga~