Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Left half his skin on the road :grimacing:


yep, he’s done. that looked proper nasty :grimacing:


Why do some of the cyclists have shopping bags on their backs?


Will be bringing food/drinks to their teammates


That’s Team Lidl, never passing up a marketing opportunity


Awww, that’s nice.


“i’m just nipping to carrefour, any of yous want owt?”


“so that’s seven cornettos and aw fuckin 'ell, froomey wants a bag o spuds again”


20 bierre speciale stubbles


i know this will go down really badly, but i quite like those special anniversary mitchelton-scott helmets


World Cup Fever has reached the pro peloton as every team leader catches a dose of the Neymars :swimming_man:


Reckon they could hide replacement riders in the crowd? Like one of them crashes, walks into the crowd for medical treatment and a fresh lookalike rider takes his place


They could just sit in the car for the first 180km then just hop out and grab a bike off the roof


Poor chavanel


I do love watching a bunch split at a big roundabout. Just something aesthetically pleasing and satisfying about it. I’m easily amused.


yeah, i’m with you, it’s a lovely thing to watch


Where is Sagan. Where is da geeza


“a rider like niki sepsra”

sorry, sean?


Oh there he is


Fucking useless fantasy team twats