Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Yep. Wants to ride tomorrow. Fucking nutter


No idea. Just in from work. Apparently it was ok


Carlton Kirby: ‘i like rigoberto uran a lot’.



i’ve missed the last two stages. can’t believe sean hasn’t throttled him yet - i’ve found him especially unbearable so far this vuelta


I find it staggering when he’s whining about incompetence (race organisers; broadcasters etc). I mean, he’s right, but sort yourself out first yeah??


going full partridge on solar panels just now. fucking hell.


was really hoping mollema would take this but it’s not looking great :frowning:


still, chapeau to ben king, that was huge. he looked completely done for a few kilometres out.


Rory Townsend RoBBED at ToB.


Really nice stage at the ToB. There the type of stage they should have more of. Peloton blown to bits. Helps that I know the roads pretty well


Cav is out of contract at DDD, and DDD sign Gasparotto meaning they now have the entirety of this year’s AGR podium riding for them next year


The Olympic obsession is going to be awkward. He barely scraped into the 2016 team, if I remember correctly? He’s now expecting a random road team or GB Cycling to fund him for two years ahead of … pretty much every other up-and-coming rider?


Pretty much. The endorsements he brings would be lucrative, but it’s not a good call to have him miss half the season with concussion/viruses and not develop younger riders. what will he race on the track, Madison?.


Would the endorsements trump WT points though? Can’t be many of those in the bank at the moment?

I reckon 60% of his Dimension Data salary is as good as he can hope for. Especially if he intends to dick around at the velodrome for most of the season.


Reckon he brought Oakley on as a co-sponsor at DDD. Totally depends on the type of team. DDD could take him fucking around on the track for a season and a half as they’re relatively stable on the WT, and he’s barely raced for them this season anyway. others would want the points.

The short of it is, I don’t think he’s the draw he thinks he is in 2018/19


Found this pretty interesting.


not a fan of the camera hovering around the paramedics working on simone petilli, there :frowning:


Bouhanni abandons. You could say he’s given up the fight


Got his stage win, will prob mean there’s still someone willing to take him on. Dunno who, mind.


Uh oh