Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


i hate the way fran reyes speaks

the completely random inflections and emphasis


Fucks sake


Second post finish crash in as many weeks after that helicopter aided barrier crash. Literally no need for that many photogs after the line, and pedestrians walking the course.

Also Millar is running for President of the Rider’s association. Not gone down too well


Horrible, horrible news about kristina vogel.


holy fuck, that’s awful


aw shit :slightly_frowning_face:


absolutely gutting. what a huge talent :frowning: can’t imagine how heartbreaking that must be


There’s this to contend with on the final climb, which averages 12.something% over 4km


Yates wins (again) and takes leader’s jersey (again). Expect him to lose it to Valverde in the TT on Tuesday.

Also have a bahhingi feeling Valverde could win overall. Let’s see how tomorrow goes, but yeah, he’s prepared well.


But probably (not in this order) Yates, Nairo, MA Lopez to podium

Nagging feeling obvs


Bahhingi! :cloud_with_lightning:


this is quite good


Proper love a foggy mountain finish.

Fearsome attacking display by Quintana :no_mouth:


Wheelsucker extraordinaire


London :+1: :red_circle: :wine_glass: :tshirt:


I can’t cope with seeing this Zwift advert on the ITV highlights any more


just catching up on yesterday. fucking love watching rohan dennis time trial.


Aru with a huge crash and has done all sorts of damage to himself/kit


Quintana is fucked, Valverde looks good, Yates looks cool


This climb looks fucking grim. 24%!