Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


this road must be steep as fuck


Quintana being paced up by Amador :confused:


no space at all on this road


Lol, fuck Majka


:frowning: i lijka majka



EF Cannondale having a stormer of a vuelta


woods cannae even walk up the steps to the team bus :smiley:


Valverde distances Yates for 7 seconds or so.


valverde breezed over the line

he’s been the only one that hasn’t looked like he’s praying for death


And he’s 37…

Riding better than he got popped in puerto


Honestly think Valverde is gonna win


Michael Woods’ interview then :sob:



Fucking Eurosport player not working fuck ooofffffffffffff

Wish they’d charge a bit more and just get the fucking thing to work

Surprisingly the snooker channel is working but can’t get it stream the cycling, anyone else?


worked fine for me earlier


It’s working now - if I vpn into the UK site :relieved:

Probably will only last 10 minutes of carlton kirby before lobbing the TV out the window anyway


He was fucking terrible today. Eurosport seriously need to bin him off. Started moaning that somebody emptied their bottle too close to Yates. Err no mate, he squirted it on the road next to him, and nowhere near Yates


There was a bit the other day when he was nobbing on about horses and asked Sean Kelly ‘what sort of horses are they Sean? Cart horses? Shire horses?’

resigned exhale of breath from Kelly

‘dunno, fat horses?’



that was great. no idea how sean puts up with him, he constantly sounds at the end of his tether.


tried to tune in to catch the sprint, but it’s already finished :slightly_frowning_face:

apparently the breakaway made it?