Tour de France 2018 and associated Grand Tours


Skin of their teeth!


Larry Warbasse signs with AG2R. Will do a great job there.


Movistar creating echelons in the valley before the final climb. They’ve been bossing the front all day.


So Quintana can lose 40 secs?


But a Fuente De scenario would’ve been lovely. Alas


Must be for Valverde going for a bonus seconds win?


Yeah of course it is. Was just being facetious


Quintana obviously on board for any tactic that gives him the excuse to just sit in the wheels.


Ha ha.


That’s Yates winning the Vuelta then.


Why oh why doesnt confrontedbybears still post


@meths with a very on the nose point about Thomas there.


You 2 guys and your drugs chat.


Ha ha

You wouldn’t have liked the post I was originally planning earlier then


No, dont mind at all! What’s cycling without drugs, after all.


Something unspeakably creepy about chasing one Yates brother, while the other hovers behind you. Next-level mind games.




Massive shame, especially with One Pro and Aqua Blue ending their teams late in the season. There must be loads of out of contract riders in the UK. Are any of yer Canyon Eisbergs or Madison Genesises moving up to pro conti?


Nope. And Vitus will probably go as well. Ditto Holdsworth. The gulf between 3rd and 4th tier is humongous, BC give zero fucks about racing at this level. All the focus is on dudes racing in circles on the wood, while pretending to support regional events… that have no budget and give up after a couple of years. Once teams at this level stop pretending to be “pro”, and stop wanking away money then maybe they can fund riders entries throughout the year, then head to kermesses in Benelux, instead of dumping it all on equipment and kit. The step-up costs individuals a FORTUNE and there’s no incentive for companies to stump up that cash rn.


And the youth set up is relatively poor (unless they’re on the track set up) so you’ll see parents dumping huge amounts of cash on road/TT/track bikes. Really like initiatives like the Dave Reyner Fund to help young riders through the system. But they very few and far between. It’s basically Sky, then a load of Conti teams racing at domestic level now