Tour de France 2019 🚲 ⛰ 🌬 🤖 🇫🇷 💉

Di Marchi out of the race. Big crash results in deep facial cuts. Off to hospital. Offredo has also crashed and way off the back. He struggled to make time yesterday, and could be even worse off today

This is more like it.

Absolutely not the done thing for anything at all to happen on a Sunday stage when everyone can actually watch. Glad that I’ve just watched 4 hours of the pro peleton having a chat with each other at le tour.

Proper order has been resumed - we were in serious danger of a stage race breaking out over the last week or so.

Best bit of the day was Sagans video blog, to quote :

“yeah I was supposed to film something for you guys but after the stage I was absolutely fucked so I didn’t”




Still no way he’s finishing in paris

I hope he does, kinda hope he’s nowhere near the podium so folk can stop banging on about his chances when he does well in a Tirreno or Dauphine or Romandie or something.

Good rider but a moany wee bastard.

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At times I do feel a bit sorry for him and think maybe he’s just really unlucky.

But then his demeanour and the way he talks about his chances is so far from that of a ‘winner’ that (as you said) I just wish they’d stop putting him up there as a GC contender just because he wins on Willunga Hill every year.

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Yeah I think you’ve summed up exactly how I feel about him.

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Porte, Uran, Fuglsang, Pinot dropped by the Peloton. Bennett gone pop. Suspringly could be some GC play here

ooo. What happened? Echelons? Crash? Ineos putting the hammer down?

EF made a move and then the counterattack accidentally got away, ripping up the breakaway in the process.

“George Bennett is in a group all on his own”.

Apparently Movistar are being shit. Millar is very angry with them.

Bennett dropped back for bottles just as Alaphillipe counter attacked EF, massive crosswinds, blew apart almost instantaneously. They haven’t shown any replays yet though! Ineos and Quick Step rode some big turns. Gap is now about a minute

1:40 lost. Yikes.

WVA wins

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Could be worse, Landa lost 2:10. Pinot out of it now

Movistar were weird - they sent a rider to the break yesterday to limit damages in the team classification then all dropped back to help Landa instead of sticking with Quintana. Really don’t get it.

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Stage 9:

Stage 10: :musical_note: Curb Your Enthusiasm theme tune plays :musical_note: