Tour Diaries


any good ones to recommend? i think damon che’s don cab ones are kind of the holy grail, obviously get in the van is a classic too. apparently there are some albini ones but i’ve never read em, might seek em out.


Punk rock tour diaries by tv smith apparently (not read em myself though)


Pet Shop Boys vs America is probably great
also not read it SORRY but i will soon


This Turbonego tour diary from a 1995 issue of Maximum Rock’n’Roll is probably the funniest band article I’ve ever read and was my starting point for checking them out.



Enjoyed James Yorkston’s It’s Lovely to Be Here: The Touring Diaries of a Scottish Gent book. Obviously pretty tame compared to the Don Cab ones and all but it’s just a nice man touring around the place with a guitar, quite a charming read


The NOFX one is surprisingly good, well written and incredibly bleak in places. Worth a read even if you think their music is trash.


Anyone got a copy of the big black one? All the links are dead.


It’s really good. Very funny.


Here you go


hero, thanks!


err wow, albini was really gross back then


updating gross to completely disgusting, what a pig


What a scumbag!