Tours you're sick to have missed/be missing


Get Up Kids just announced a tour with Cloud Nothings in the states and i want to murder everyone.


Cursive + Appleseed Cast in the US at the moment.


kasher at his best is a goddamn monster <3


Saw his solo tour last year and couldn’t figure out why I was so underwhelmed by it, but realised it was because their Glasgow gig on The Ugly Organ tour was my favourite gig of all time and it was suffering by comparison.

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I missed quite a few gigs about ten years ago when the credit crunch was on and I got stuck late in work night after night. Some I’m not fussed about now (whatever happened to Ladyhawke?), but I’m a bit gutted that I missed Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline.

There’s two other great lost gigs in my past, both of which I missed out on tickets and was hoping to buy from a tout - Sarah Cracknell at Ronnie Scott’s to less than a hundred people back in 1997. No touts whatsoever, which was really odd for a London gig back in those days (I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a Brighton tout - not these days at least). The other one was The Avalanches in 2001, where again we missed out on tickets. There were touts, but they were just buying, and the queue to get in went around the block.

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i supported an acoustic solo kasher years back and gotta say it was amazing because actually he’s at his best either entirely on his own, or with cursive. anything in the middle i’ve found underwhelming tbh


oh man avalanches :’(

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I’ve also just seen that I missed out on seeing Mark Ronson produced 60’s style girl group The Like because I had to do the new boyfriend thing at a wedding my other half had been invited to. They split up six month later (the band not the couple).

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I know. I bet I’m not the only person with a similar story about that gig.


I had a ticket to see the get up kids at the old blue last, I arrived at the venue 2 days late


oh mate :’(

also you have the best taste in music bud

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Pretty gutted I didn’t see the pumpkins on the Mellon Collie tour, wanted to go but my friends weren’t interested, guess it would have ruined all future live music for me though

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Thrice & Refused tour in the UK!

also La Dispute, Gouge Away and Slow Mass in the US. oh mamma

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2001 when The Dismemberment Plan & Ted Leo toured together at the height of both of their powers


I was only 7, lived in a different country and had never heard of any of these bands at the time, but still furious to have missed this


Numerous Janelle Monae tours (she always seems to play midweek, hundreds of miles away).

The Delgados final tour. I’d never seen them; I was standing outside The Garage in Glasgow; I was feeling a bit crap though and thought, ‘fuck it… they play all the time… I’ll catch them again’.

Beastie Boys ‘In The Round’ tour. Looked ace.

Tropical Fuck Storm, Unloved and a bunch of other bands who finally decided to play Scotland when I’m away on holiday.

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Both times Protomartyr have toured the UK, as well as Daughters in Leeds last month :cry:


I missed the atp curated my matt groening, (built to spill, liars, joanna newsom particularly) and the only reason i didnt go was because i had no pals to go with, i should have just rocked up alone

Also lots of kpop stuff over the years but its alright now, they seem to be remembering London exists these days

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I was literally sick and couldn’t go to the NME tour at Newcastle Uni with The Killers, The Futureheads, Bloc Party and the Kaiser Chiefs. For years after I pretended that I had been there, often citing it among my favourite gigs, but now I’m ready to admit the truth.


Also sick to have missed Daughters earlier this year, but they’re back in London on Hallowe’en. Not sure if other UK dates are happening then too.

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