Tours you're sick to have missed/be missing


Me too! :slight_smile:


I missed Shack’s (led by the genius that is Michael Head) final London gig in 2007(ish) with a dose of the galloping shits.
Also missed School of Seven Bells (stuck at work) and Secret Machines (sold out before I knew about the gig), although the dumbest decision was swerving a Go-Betweens gig in Birmingham because there was a curfew on it and I couldn’t be bothered because they were back touring so were bound to return…


I was 16 and in the throes of indie so went to the Kaiser Chiefs day like an absolute fucking plum. Didn’t even know who Daft Punk were:

To be fair I had an excellent time


I remember being desperate to go and see Whiteout with Oasis supporting in Inverness in 1994. Only one of my mates could drive and he wasn’t up for it. Never thought of the bus or the train.


I remember talking up the idea of going to this. It never happen.

Looking back I really feel this could have changed my listen habits massively as the only band off the line up that I was into was Blur. My young and impressionable mind would have been blown away by My Bloody Valentine!

…I started listening to My Bloody Valentine 20 years later…

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I went to that!

First time ever at the Brixton Academy. We had seats upstairs, and we weren’t impressed with the view, so we asked the bouncer how to get into the stalls. He told us to give him a quid each and he let us in.

Still one of my favourite gigs of all time.


Whitley Bay Ice Rink, fantastic.


This show from DC in 1985:

Dead Kennedys

Butthole Surfers

Rites of Spring


Another DC one from’82:

Minor Threat




And that Botch, Jesuit, Dillinger tour must have been pretty special.

Would have loved to have seen any of these.


Only been to the 9:30 once - to see Battles - but what a venue! It seems to have so many amazing gigs in its history. DC has some great venues. Impressed with the Black Cat too!


Nirvana at Reading in ‘92. Mother said I was too young. Attempted to appease my 13 yr old self by saying I would have many more opportunities to see them. Remains a ‘humerous’ Christmas table talking point to this day.


My brother left early as the weather had become a test of endurance and he too assumed he’d get another chance