Townes Van Zandt

Hello Dissers, talk to me about TVZ?! I’ve always known a few of his tracks without ever delving into his back catalogue.

And i’m currently obsessed with Fare the well Miss Carousel.

Suggestions/talk please?!

Is @incandenza not a big fan?!


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well i’m going to assume you’re the most expert on the subject on DiS! :slight_smile:

As mentioned before i’ve always known a few tracks of his but last weekend one of my good pals had him on and i thought it was time to delve in. He’s fucking great and i’m only through one and a half records, the first being Townes Van Zandt and now after your recommendation Delta Momma Blues! :+1::grinning:

and thanks for the recommendations below as well. looking forward to immersing myself in it all. In Fact the tv is away this sat night, weed, wine and TVZ for this Disser! :grinning:

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I love Our Mother the Mountain (although some people hate it because of the elaborate string arrangements). This song in particular (later covered by Tindersticks):

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This could be getting a spin next :+1:

As said above, just ridiculously consistent. Here are a couple of my favourites:

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snake mountain blues is great

Colter Wall did a cover of it which is somehow even more Townes-y

We all seen the film about him? Cause it’s fucking great :+1:


Sweet, will check this out

Wasn’t aware of this cover somehow!

One of the greatest songwriters ever… tragic.


Recommended listening for TVZ fans;

What’s the one about children dying and turning into flowers (or something)?
Someone played it for me once, been trying to track it down for ages.

Always really liked this one: