Townies of DiS

Live in a town? Welcome to the thread! Sponsored by Mitski.

Let’s talk travel.

Do you have a train station? Where are the main places you can directly get to from it?
Buses - do you get National Express/Megabus? Where are the main destinations you can reach on local bus lines?
How easy is it to reach surrounding towns and villages without a car?
What time do your buses and trains finish for the night? (Most of our local lines finish around 6pm :grimacing: )

Thought this was going to be about “townies” as a youth subculture, listening to rap, wearing tracksuits, pimping out hatchbacks etc


Town dwelling townies should feel free to share their experiences of engaging in this aesthetic too.


I have never lived in a town!

I’d like to though.

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Which towns do you think you’d like to live in?

I’ve never lived in a city which I’ll eventually remedy but I’m not sure which city I should live in. Probably Manchester idk

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Haha Uckfield has a road sign that just points to ‘Out Of Town’. The two states of town proximity: in town and out of town. Big fan of that

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I don’t know!

Maybe one of the Welsh places like Aberystwyth, Brecon or Abergavenny.

Tenby is good too but I’d probably rather live outside the town itself therefore defeating the purpose.

Always enjoy Kilkenny as well

But I need/want to live somewhere much hotter and sunnier, so maybe somewhere on Mallorca or Corsica

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You don’t need to live in somewhere small to have an “out of town” sign

I’ve just seen one in Lewes too! Is this a Sussex thing??

Where’s the grungers of DiS thread?


I used to live in towns for university (Coventry, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa) and as a London person, I was alarmed by how early the last bus was and how expensive the buses were, and how a trip to IKEA took me through three towns on one relatively short bus ride

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Lisa Nandy currently very excitedly signing up to DiS


In the corner of the Halfords car park, drinking cider

See you there!

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What are we calling a town, nowadays? The “village” I live in has a population of something like 12,000 which I reckon is well into “small town” territory. No train station, but it used to have one.

Where I grew up (suburb of a medium sized town) has no buses on a Sunday. And the bus drivers are a bit prone to making up their own routes, so even if there is nominally a bus, I think it’s supposedly like 3 an hour during the day, there’s no chance of them showing up at the time listed on the timetable and they might just have decided to take a different route.

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It’s a tricky one!

Rough populations of places I have lived in for the longest, chrono order:
(Skipping some that were only for a year or less)


I think I probably wrote this somewhere on here before, but I was once on the train passing through Uckfield and two teenagers had the following conversation:

“What’s in Uckfield?”
“I dunno, a field of Ucks”

I’ll never forget it.


I think this counts as a town. My hometown is 8-9,000 and is apparently a town.

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checks out