Townies of DiS

I live in a city now but I can answer from ABINGDON where I grew up.

No train station, but decent buses to Oxford, Didcot and Wantage. Abingdon was always pretty easy to get out of without a car as long as it wasn’t past 7. Buses to Oxford always finished really late (midnight I think, 3am on weekends). The last buses on Friday and Saturday nights were always grim as all hell though. No National Express, so you always have to go to Oxford first.

I grew up in a town (16k population), still visit once or twice a month. It was/is not good.

oh yeah, answering for my teenage self

  • 10k ish town outside of Edinburgh
  • No train station, though there used to be one
  • No Megabus, think it was just local routes that went as far as the other nearby towns or into the city
  • Above buses made it very easy to get to surrounding areas, mostly under £3 and 30 mins
  • Final bus into the city maybe 10pm? Last one back from the city was 1130pm

I am in Bracknell and it takes a whole fucking hour and costs an arm and a leg to get into London on the train. Pretty sure you can get to London from Birmingham in only an hour and a half so not sure why it has to take so long from Bracknell, when it’s so much nearer.

To get to my parents’ house 10 miles away I would have to take 2 trains and a bus. Maybe there’s an obscure bus route that would replace the 2 trains but I’d be surprised if it didn’t take a lot longer.

I never use buses around here as they’re wildly unreliable, and it also seems quite hard to find out which bus you need to get and from where, the whole thing isn’t very user friendly.

Best swimming pool though


Also never lived in a town unless you count “Laaahhhndahhhn Taahn”.

So, only lived in 3 cities.

I do!

Thank you.

Yes. Direct trains to Ely, Cambridge and London Kings Cross - hourly most of the time but half-hourly at some points of the day. Not a bad service.

I think we have National Express but I’ve not used it. There’s an X1 that runs from Peterborough to Norwich, and there’s a Coastliner that runs to Cromer, I believe (handy for walking the coast path).

I think it varies. Some villages are once an hour, some are once a day

It appears that you can get an X1 back from Peterborough at 10.45pm, and a 35 back from Hunstanton at 9pm. Last train leaves London just after 11 and Cambridge just after midnight. So not too bad. @thewarn and others have ended up in King’s Lynn unwittingly after falling asleep on the train.

Grew up in Bedford (pop 106k 2011 census). Definitely a town even against some of the examples here.

It was fine? I never learnt to drive because it was relatively compact and most of the places I needed to go I could walk to.

The buses were ok, I expect they are shit now after ten years of funding cuts.

We had an ok music venue, some ok pubs. A six screen cinema although in one of those weird leisure park (cinema, laser quest, McDonald’s, bowling, nightclub) developments that were all the rage in the 1990s. The cinema is still open but almost all of it is boarded up now.

Train into London was an hour, so convenient but definitely far enough away to make it feel like a Big Deal. You could also go straight through to Brighton, which was always our treat summer day out.

Very strong town mentality. Weekends were very rough at night. I think it’s for a bit more of a pleasant place to live over the years but most of the new housing is in peripheral estates so barely feels like part of the town. Don’t think the job opportunities are great now, though - most of the 70s/80s office stock seems to have been converted into flats, and nothing has gone up to replace it. The town centre looks quite sad, although that’s been happening for a long time (Milton Keynes basically slowly killed it).

The X5 was/is a good bus - Oxford to Cambridge via Bedford and Milton Keynes.

Will probably have to move back there at some point as my ma gets older.

used to live in Cockermouth.


Love differences of scale like this. 12,000 would be a town of major regional importance where I’m from in the west of Ireland


Doesn’t answer any of your questions apart from yes I currently live in a town, but here is a (non exhaustive) list of types of places I’ve live and their approximate populations:

Village - 100
Town - 12,000
Town - 120,000
Village - 1,500
City - 585,000
Town - 120,000
City - 9m
Town - 27,000