Towns and Cities with the same name

This got me thinking

I grew up near Portland (in Dorset), and obviously there are a few of those. Always been confused by the two Washington’s in the US and the one here. Sometimes I look at maps and notice lotsa familiar names, especially in New England where lots of places with similar names to Dorset…

What are some of your favourite examples of places with the same name and have you visited both?

(I would be shocked if we haven’t done a thread like this before but knowing me this will probably be a 0 replies one)

Lot of suttons isn’t there

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Theres a Surrey in Canada with a Guildford and everything

not been to either but facts are facts

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Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells are different places with different names but outsiders get way too confused about it (particularly the fact that they are pronounced the same despite the spelling)

I have been to 3 different Newcastles

Can’t remember seeing any castles at all

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there’s a Boston over here, isn’t there? used to find that odd

Stratford London > Stratford Warwickshire

Paris, Texas
London, Ontario



Newcastle in Australia always used to amuse me for some reason.

Always like it when you get a tiny middle of nowhere place in the U.S. named after a major European city.

So many places where this country colonised then named places after UK towns. There’s a Brighton in Melbourne, which we visited when we were in Australia, and I used to get loads of twitter followers from the Brighton near Denver Colorado too

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Interestingly enough London Ontario also has

Chatham! Tavistock! Etc


Bir-ming-HAM, Alabama
Burm-in-um, West Midlands


Cycled through Breukelen the other day, a non-descript but quite pleasant little town. Later discovered it’s what Brooklyn, New York is named after. Was funny because there was a place there called Brooklyn Antiques which I had joked about how cheesy a name it was.

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Related to the above, Avon/Afon means river, and the Avon that flows through Stratford Upon Avon is a different Avon to the one that flows through Bristol, which is a different one to the one that flows through Devon, which is a different one to the one that flows through Hampshire, which is a different one to the one that flows through Falkirk etc.

Always wondered why there aren’t more places called Brisbane, kind of a solid, non-descript name.

There’s the one in Australia, and three little ones in the US.

See also the River Ouse

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New York, Rotherham
New York, New York


Quite a few Kingstons, aren’t there?

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Sutton Coldfield
Sutton Hotfield
Sutton Justrightfield

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London and London Colney

I once got a flat battery in a removal van and called the breakdown people - 5 hours later they asked which manor road I was on (I’d given them the post code so I don’t know what they were thinking) and I told them - Manor Road in Stoke Newington in London. Turns out they’d gone to London Colney